Why tuition is unnecessary in Singapore.

Many students and parents believe that private tuition is essential for success. However, it is crucial to recognize that private tuition is not a prerequisite for achieving academic excellence.

Growing up, my family’s financial situation meant that tuition was not an option. Yet, I (and many others) have managed to do well academically without the help of a tutor. Hence I think that it is important to explore why some students may not need private tuition in Singapore and how they can thrive academically without it.

  • Absorb Quality Classroom Instruction

In Singapore, schools place significant emphasis on providing quality classroom instruction. School teachers undergo rigorous training to deliver effective lessons and engage students in their learning. They employ various teaching strategies and techniques to cater to diverse learning styles. With attentive classroom participation and active study habits, students can grasp concepts effectively during regular school hours.

TLDR: Pay attention to the teachers in class.

  • Utilize Resourceful Learning Materials

MOE and educational publishers in Singapore have developed a wide array of learning resources, including textbooks, workbooks, online platforms, and digital tools. These resources are designed to support independent learning and reinforce classroom teachings. By utilizing these materials effectively, students can consolidate their knowledge and develop a strong foundation in their subjects.

Alternatively, there are plenty of wonderful reliable resources available online such as the Holy Grail Google Drive. This is a crowdsourced initiative where students upload notes and exam papers. It includes notes, and worksheets for almost every subject from primary school to JC, and even some university course notes as well. Here’s the link.

For International O level and A level papers, this website provides a wonderful coverage of past exam papers and solutions for practice.

For Physics specific resources, I have compiled some useful notes, tutorials and solutions below:

Super Physics A Level (H1 and H2 Physics)link
Super Physics O Level (Pure Physics)link
Super Physics IBcoming soon
TLDR: Utilize the free and available resources to improve.
  • Improve on Self-Directed Learning Skills

Every student is unique, and success is not solely dependent on private tuition. Individual effort, motivation, and discipline play significant roles in academic achievements. By cultivating a strong work ethic, setting realistic goals, and maintaining a positive mindset, students can unlock their potential and excel without the need for external tutoring.

Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning journey and develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management. By leveraging these skills and adopting effective study habits, students can excel academically without relying solely on private tuition.

Here, I write about some of the important skills that can help us to improve our learning.

TLDR: Set goals, and plan out how to achieve it.

  • Leverage Supportive School Environment

Schools teachers are readily available to clarify doubts, offer guidance, and provide additional support when needed be it through WhatsApp groups or emails. Schools also offer consultations to address any academic challenges students may face. Taking advantage of these resources can enhance learning and obviate the need for private tuition.

TLDR: Make good use of your school teachers. Compile a list of questions when in doubt, and bring it up to your teacher.

  • Incorporate Peer Learning and Group Study

In JC, my study group and I would stay back after class to work on practice papers together. When each of us were unsure about something, we would bring it up to the others for clarification. This was not only useful to the learner, but the person teaching as well since it help him to solidify his knowledge.

Collaborative learning can be a powerful tool for academic growth. Forming study groups or engaging in peer learning activities can provide students with different perspectives and help foster a deeper understanding of subject matter. By working together, students can share knowledge, exchange ideas, and clarify doubts, all of which can contribute to their academic success.

TLDR: Studying with friends can be effective if everyone is aligned in wanting to do well academically.


While private tuition can be beneficial for some students, it is not a mandatory requirement for academic success in Singapore. There are ample opportunities for students to excel within the existing framework provided by the schools and free resources. By embracing self-directed learning, leveraging available resources, and adopting effective study techniques, students can thrive academically and unlock their full potential without the need for private tuition.

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