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What makes us different?


Small Class Size

Mr Brandon intentionally keeps his JC physics tuition class small to ensure that every student receives the proper guidance.

Small Group Classes have several potential benefits over group classes, including the following:

  • Personalized instruction: the tutor can tailor the instruction to the specific needs and learning style of the student, which can be more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach used in a large group class.
  • Faster progress: students can move at their own pace and address any gaps in their knowledge or understanding more quickly.


Modern Classroom

The best way for students to master physics is by asking questions. Our small class size encourages students to ask questions to develop critical thinking.

Classes are often lively and filled with discussions between Mr Brandon and his students.

  • Better communication: the student and tutor can have more open and direct communication, which can facilitate a better understanding of the material and a stronger relationship between the two.
  • Greater accountability: In our classes, the student is more likely to be held accountable for their progress and learning, which can help motivate them to put in the necessary effort and practice.

What Our Students Say

” Mr Brandon is a jovial teacher who is extremely passionate about his job. He tries his best to make every lesson enjoyable and to pique my interest in Physics. “



” He has personal notes which were very useful for my learning. He tries to bring in real world concepts into our learning, so lessons are fun and enlightening.”



” I definitely could not have done it without your support, especially since I didn’t take O-level physics. I believe that I got the A because you taught the content better than how the teachers in school did.”




Mr Brandon Ang

National University of Singapore Logo for Physics Graduate

NUS Physics Graduate

Proficient in H3 Physics and Physics Olympiad

Specialist in JC H2 Physics Tuition

11 Years Experience in Physics Tuition for A Level and IB Syllabus

80% of Students Achieved Distinction.

We provide Quality Notes and Guidance.

Adaptable Teaching Style

Skilled in coaching students of different academic backgrounds

90% of students improved by 3 grades or more

Proven Results

Class Options


Individual 1-1 Classes

Quick improvements.

Flexible timings.

Allows Mr Brandon to quickly identify a student’s weakness, thus allowing him to tailor his teaching style to help the student.

Undivided attention from the tutor.

$90/hr -$120/hr

Same pace

Small Group Classes

Self-organized groups to create a comfortable learning environment.

Each group should be from the same school so that students can learn at the same rate.

Each class is limited to 3 students so that no one gets left behind.

$80/hr – $100/hr


Super Physics Tuition
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Jarren Ling
Jarren Ling
13:25 03 Jan 23
Brandon had tutored me throughout my IP/IB journey from Secondary 4 to my final JC years in SJI, and the lessons with... him had improved my physics so much so, that I was able to improve my Physics from 3-4 points to around 6-7 points. We also had to go through online lessons due to Covid restrictions and that in of itself was not much of an issue , as we had quickly adapted to online learning. Overall, my IB journey was made much more smoother with the help from Brandon.read more
Jun He Tan
Jun He Tan
07:13 10 Dec 22
It was helpful as I managed to understand what was taught and my studies improved. The teacher was also friendly
08:05 16 Aug 22
Thanks to help and support of Mr Brandon, I achieved distinctions in both my O Levels Pure Physics (A2) as well as A... Levels H2 Physics (A).Regardless of physical or online lessons, Mr Brandon always ensured that our classes were productive and consistently checked on whether I had understood what was taught.Mr Brandon was more than willing to help in last minute clarifications and always replied to my queries as soon as he could. There was this one time, he sent me a picture of his self-written worked solution for a question that I had asked, and I was surprised to see a tiny portion of MRT seats and flooring in the background. This incident genuinely impressed me and reflected his dedication towards his job and his students.Moreover, Mr Brandon is a friendly teacher who makes learning Physics more interesting and bearable. Outside of class, I could also consult him on school matters aside from Physics and in his advice, he often gave invaluable insights from his own personal experiences.read more
Heng Yi Ong
Heng Yi Ong
16:15 22 Feb 22
I took physics in the junior college despite not having taken O-level physics. Despite this, I consistently topped my... class in school exams because of the support I’ve received through tuition. Some of the lessons I had in school were kind of cringe, but the tutor’s lessons were based. He speaks well, is able to draw the attention of a student and gives off positive vibes. I eventually received an A in the A-level exams.read more
Chen Jia Shin
Chen Jia Shin
08:48 26 Nov 20
Mr Brandon is an extremely passionate and cheerful teacher, who makes learning fun and enjoyable with his optimism.... Complex concepts which are often not well-explained during lectures and tutorials in school, are clearly and easily understood through the concept maps, practice questions and other resources provided by Mr Brandon. He’s very easy-going and friendly and won’t mind re-explaining a concept or answering your questions!read more
Jayden Ling
Jayden Ling
11:28 18 Nov 20
Mr Brandon has been an excellent tutor for my journey in physics in jc. He helped me with a lot of my conceptual... understanding as well as critical thinking in physics. Even during the Covid-19 period, we had lessons on zoom that were just as good as face-to-face tuition. I highly recommend him!read more
Yi En Cha
Yi En Cha
11:35 25 Oct 20
very patient and encouraging tutor who explains well and cares greatly for his students. i’m thankful for his time and... effort to help me improve. he is very friendly as well so asking him to repeat a concept you don’t understand won’t be a problem :))read more
james tan
james tan
01:17 09 May 20
Mr Brandon is a great teacher who is very friendly and explains the concepts very well.
Waseem Akram
Waseem Akram
09:47 19 Feb 20
Mr Brandon is a good physics teacher who cares a lot about his students and makes learning fun and interesting.... Furthermore he is able to help students understand a topic better through practice and consulting.read more
Elite Denzo
Elite Denzo
10:24 10 Feb 20
I enjoy class with Mr Brandon because it is fun and intresting.
January Janjan
January Janjan
14:27 12 Nov 19
It's a nice place for students to improve in physics. My son improved so much during his final year. Thank you for the... effort Mr Brandon!read more
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