Mr Brandon Ang

Private Physics Tutor Singapore

National university of singapore

Graduate in Physics

The National University of Singapore awarded Mr Brandon a B.Sc. in Physics. There, he practiced under the best physics professors in Singapore.

Trained under SINGAPORE’s

Best Educators

He developed his teaching skills in the Centre of Quantum Technologies in Singapore by guiding H3 Physics students from JC.

a uniquely and unconventional

Teaching Career

Mr Brandon took a route less traveled by becoming a teacher in Taipei. This exposed him to students of different academic backgrounds, allowing him to develop flexibility in his teaching.

jc physics tutor

11 Years Experience

Over the years, Mr Brandon has refined his teaching methods. He also noticed that many students were simply memorizing the concept through repetition and drilling.

This method might help a student score well for the O-levels, however, the limitations of solely memorizing concepts becomes obvious when students go to JC or University.

Question and answer method

Teaching Style

Mr Brandon encourages his students to understand the concepts through Socratic Questioning. This keeps his students engaged and it also allows them to clarify their existing doubts.

At the same time, this helps them to build important critical thinking skills that can be applied to other aspects of their lives.

Today, he is the sole tutor of Super Physics Tuition. He is a physics tuition specialist with additional experience coaching H3 Physics and Singapore Physics Olympiad organized by the Institute of Physics Singapore.

A Word From the Tutor:

Hello, I am Mr Brandon Ang, a graduate from the National University of Singapore with a Physics Degree. I took the route less traveled by spending some time teaching in Taiwan after my graduation. For me it was a personal test to see if I would enjoy teaching in the long run.

It might surprise you to know that I disliked physics very much in secondary school. The subject was tedious and boring. I barely passed my physics exams. That was when I decided to go for physics tuition.
Surprisingly, my physics results did not improve at all. The teacher at my tuition center went through the same tedious content in the same tedious way. It was no different from how my school teacher had forced us to memorize concepts.

Now, I had to go through the same torture twice, which made me dislike physics even more.
I was lucky to have a physics teacher in JC who did not force us to digest a load of information. Instead, he encouraged us to be curious. Soon, I was intrigued by the abstract nature of physics.

So I began a 4-year long love-hate relationship with physics in university. It was humbling to learn physics at a higher level, but it was also tremendously enriching. In NUS, I was learning under the best physics professors in Singapore. My experience with them taught me a lot about the techniques of being a good educator.

During my internship at the Center for Quantum Technologies, I was then given the opportunity to coach H3 students. The wonderful experience made me realize that I enjoyed teaching physics.

After returning from Taiwan, I decided to develop Super Physics Tuition to continue guiding the young adults of today. I take pride in establishing strong relationships with my students and to help them understand physics.
By applying the varied experience through my life, I am able to convey difficult ideas in physics in an easy to understand way. Knowing that each student is different, I always try to establish a connection with them first. This helps them to be more engaged and motivated in class.
Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific discipline and it helps us to understand how the universe behaves.  Yet, learning physics is not just about trying to understand how the laws of physics governs the world that we live in. It allows us to be critical thinkers in all aspects of life. This is an invaluable skill that can be applied to my aspects of my student’s life.